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At ICC we believe there is no such thing as “accidents,” only preventable incidences. Because of the risky nature of our industry we implemented one of the most comprehensive safety programs. Our employees are OSHA and CPR/First Aid certified. They attend days of classroom and jobsite training on industry specific risk and incident prevention. This training is then field tested under the supervision of our supervisors and safety officer. We will not send any employee to your job site until we are confident they will be leaders in safety and an example for all to follow. Prior to beginning any work, all ICC employees are required to complete a job safety analysis, which identifies and helps to reduce potential risks. We focus on safety on safe behaviors and preplan our operations with safety as top priority.

Due to our excellent safety and professional track record we are trusted to work on job sites with some of the strictest safety and security requirements, including: Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, military bases, schools, law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, government facilities and many others. 


ICC has a ZERO TOLERANCE SAFETY POLICY: if you witness any unsafe work practices, do not hesitate to contact an ICC supervisor at (800) 350-0409.

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