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Environment  - "Fast, Clean and Green"

At ICC we believe in consciously cutting our carbon footprint today, so we can cut concrete tomorrow. We are constantly looking for new ways to protect the environment and currently are industry leaders in doing so through several methods.


  • Concrete, asphalt, metal and wood is recycled for use on future projects.

  • Extra time and money is spent on separating and processing recyclable material on all demolition jobs.

  • Concrete slurry is recycled for use on future work.


  • Equipment is locally dispatched from numerous locations throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties, minimizing drive time and reducing fuel usage.

  • Our dispatchers are trained to minimize drive time: Saving fuel and reducing emissions due to excess travel.

  • ICC is actively seeking to incorporate alternate fuels into our fleet, including electric and natural gas power sources.


  • Instead of disposing of our old diamond blades and bits, our shop spends the extra time to re-tip the diamond segments, thus reducing the need for new steel cores and blades to be made.


  • At ICC we have invested heavily in our equipment to protect the environment from any harm that may come from our work, including:


  • Latest in dust, water, and slurry control

  • Backhoes are Tier 3 and 4 compliant with additional exhaust scrubbers.

  • Skid steers and Flat saws are equipped with catalytic converters for reduced emissions.


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