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Concrete Services in LA County

LA County Concrete Cutting

Independent Concrete Cutting serves the concrete cutting,       Demolition and excavation needs of clients in LA County and the surrounding Southern California cities. Our locally dispatched operators specialize in slab sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, hand demolition and more! If you are looking for an experienced and licensed company to handle concrete cutting on your property, Independent Concrete Cutting is your solution!

Call Independent Concrete Cutting at (800) 350-0409 today to learn more about our expert concrete cutting services in LA County. 

Independent Concrete Cutting employs an experienced and trained staff that is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and service. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision, efficiency and quality work. Whether you are in need of concrete breaking and removal, excavation, or soft demolition, we’ve got the tools and experience to get the job done right.

LA County wall sawing

LA County Concrete Services

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  • Saw Cutting in LA County

  • Core Drilling in LA County

  • Demolition in LA County

  • Excavation in LA County

  • Concrete Breaking in LA County

  • Concrete Removals in LA County

  • Wall Demolition in LA County

  • Slab in LA County

  • Sawing in LA County

  • asphalt in LA County

Flat Sawing LA County

Our flat saw technicians are capable of quality cutting in some of the most difficult locations throughout LA County. Whether it is large quantities of 21” thick runway tarmac or decorative green cutting at high-end estates, ICC will make sure you are fully satisfied with the finished product. No Job is too large or small for us. 


  • 42HP Gas Flat Saw: Capable of cutting 13” deep.

  • Electric Flat Saws: Capable of cutting 13” deep for projects with limited ventilation.

  • 57HP Diesel Flat Saws: Capable of cutting 21” deep and designed for high production projects.

  • All of our saw trucks come with water and vacuums for dust control and a clean finish.

Core Drilling LA County

From coring street curbs to large duct and pipe penetrations, ICC employs some of the most talented and experienced technicians in LA County. In work locations with difficult access, our technicians are capable of providing cores to meet your needs. When other companies are unable to complete projects that have been deemed too difficult, we are the ones called to get the job done.


  • All saw trucks carry 1”-12” diameter drill bits, with ½” sizes up to 4.5”.

  • Special bits are available on request with sizes ranging from ½” all the way up to 46” in diameter!

  • We have equipment and operators experienced in drilling up to 50’ depth, vertical and horizontal.

  • Auger bits available upon request.

  • All of our saw trucks come with water and vacuums for dust control and a clean finish.

Wall Sawing LA County

When precision is a must, ICC’s wall saw technicians excel at providing our customers accurate and clean results in LA County. We pride ourselves in the speed our work is completed, allowing for our partners to meet their deadlines cost effectively. 


  • Wall Saw: All wall saw units come with standard cutting depth of 15”, Additional cutting depth of 28” deep from one side, upon special request. Flush cut capable to 15” depth. Chamfer blades are standard on all wall saw units. Various blade widths upon request for reveal cuts, notches, etc.

  • Ring Saw: Capable of cutting 16” deep when only handsaw access is available.

  • Chain Saw: Capable of cutting 24” deep for square openings, tight access, and no overcuts.

  • All of our saw trucks come with water and vacuums for dust control and a clean finish.

Backhoes/Excavators - Servicing LA County

We believe our highly trained heavy equipment operators are one of our greatest advantage over our competition in LA County.  You can trust surrounding property, utilities and individuals will be safe while working on a job site with us. 

All Backhoe and 10 wheel dump combo trucks equipped with:


  • 10 wheel dump trucks, capable of hauling 6 cubic yards of concrete and asphalt.

  • 1500lb class breakers.

  • Tier 3 and Tier 4 compliant with additional exhaust scrubbers for interior work.

  • 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48” backhoe buckets.

  • Front 4 in 1 bucket, slab grabber, compactions wheels and other attachments available.

  • Handsaw, shovels, brooms, picks and other hand tools.

  • Auger attachments with 9”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 24”, and 30” diameter bits available up request.

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Demolition LA County

Our compressor task force is in a class of its own. From breaking out trenches to stripping entire buildings into a bare shell, our team will safely get the job done in the time frame you need. We provide demolition services throughout LA County. 


All roll off dump and compressor combo trucks come equipped with:


  • Compressors: Equipped with a variety of jack hammers, chipping guns and rivet busters. (rock drills and rock splitters available upon request.)

  • Special attachments: Digging spades, bushing tools, compactors and tile chippers.

  • Roll off dump trucks capable of hauling 3 cubic yards of concrete and asphalt.

  • Handsaws and Torches.

  • Specialty soft demo tools and saws available for all types and sizes of removal projects.

Brokk 90 Machines in LA County

True demolition versatility: The Brokk 90 is one of the most capable machines for demolition in confined spaces. With the ability to enter standard man doors, it is capable of out producing a full crew of conventional labor. Powered by 480v, the Brokk is designed for confined spaces and mitigates the risk of injury associated with using manual labor. Our Brokk operators remotely control these complex robotic devices from a safe distance, reducing human exposure in harsh environments and minimizing hazards often associated with human fatigue.

All trucks in LA County are equipped with:


  • Roll off dump trucks capable of hauling 3 cubic yards of concrete and asphalt.

  • Trucks come fully stocked with all the tools needed for soft demo projects.

  • Handsaw and Torches.

  • Well maintained 250lb class breaker.

  • 10”, 14”, 18” ,24”, rotating hydraulic grapple and 10” wide slab grabber attachments for excavation, demolition and loading

  • Handsaw, shovels, brooms, picks and other hand tools.

  • Hydraulic chipping gun and jack hammer.

  • Diesel powered dumper buggies on rubber tracks for quickly transporting large quantities of material using less manpower.

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