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Brokk 90

True demolition versatility: The Brokk  is one of the most capable machines for demolition in confined spaces. With the ability to enter standard man doors, it is capable of out producing a full crew of conventional labor. Powered by 480v, the Brokk is designed for confined spaces and mitigates the risk of injury associated with using manual labor. Our Brokk operators remotely control these complex robotic devices from a safe distance, reducing human exposure in harsh environments and minimizing hazards often associated with human fatigue.

All trucks equipped with:

  • Trucks come fully stocked with all the tools needed for soft demo projects.

  • Handsaw and Torches.

  • Well maintained 250lb class breaker.

  • 10”, 14”, 18” ,24”, rotating hydraulic grapple and 10” wide slab grabber attachments for excavation, demolition and loading

  • Handsaw, shovels, brooms, picks and other hand tools.

  • Hydraulic chipping gun and jack hammer.

  • Diesel powered dumper buggies on rubber tracks for quickly transporting large quantities of material using less manpower.

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